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Why do Students Prefer Study Abroad over Studying in India?

With the great development and awareness in the field of education, a lot of Indian students have been flying to countries like Canada, USA and Italy for their higher studies. Now, the question is why there’s a surge in students willing to leave India for their studies. Most of the medical and engineering students in India are now going to other nations like Ukraine and Israel.

In the article below, we are presenting the top reasons for such step taken by the Indian students.

  1. Better Education System – Now, the first reason which must come to everyone’s mind is that the education system of these countries is far more advanced than Indian system, which is absolutely true. In India, major focus is applied on the theoretical learning and the practical knowledge is highly compromised. Even in real life impacting courses like law or civil engineering, you’ll find the students spending majority of their time mugging up the books in their classrooms only. The practical sessions are help just twice or thrice in a week, even in those, the colleges don’t have ample equipment for each student.

Whereas in the Universities of countries like USA or Canada, both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge is kept side-by-side. The colleges conduct frequent field trips and exchange programs for a better exposure for their students and thus, their mindset also expands. In courses of art, history and fashion, students are made to visit the historical places and places of art to know about real art. All these differences contribute in making their education model superior to ours and thus, students tend to go there for their own good.

  1. Better Employment Opportunities – Another drawback of our system is that, as the education system does not focus upon skill building, the learning minds don’t get enough practical knowledge and thus, the job opportunities for them diminish. Plus, there are less job opportunities for them as well. Majority of the companies hiring engineers are not India based but having some foreign origin and giving jobs to the Indian youth.

In the foreign institutions, the students are made to work along with their studies to get early real life experience and after the completion of their studies, they are highly skilled and get a better job with better salary and the career growth is also fast there.

  1. Ultimate Immigration Decision – Nowadays, majority of the Indian students going to study abroad are with the mindset of settling there only. The foreign countries are well aware of the great potential our youth has and they highly benefit themselves from these. As a lack of skill building in our system, students once get to these nations, he finds nothing amusing in India and is influenced by their culture. And ultimately decides to migrate there with a permanent residence.

The USA and Canada provide a very accessible living arrangement for Indian students as well. They provide a 2 or 3 year work Visa for promising candidates and after that, the extension keeps on increasing.

These are the topmost reasons which count to the increasing migration of Indian students to other countries.

Role of Study Abroad Consultants in your Foreign Studies

Going to study abroad for your further studies? If yes, then, you must be familiar of all the things to consider in your journey ahead. The road might seem easy at first but there is plethora of other formalities to keep in mind apart from your studies. Visa clearance, University acceptance, travel guidance, admission enquiry and a lot more. And in this journey, you must have someone by your side to help you in each and every step.

And that’s exactly where you need Study Abroad Consultants for you. In the beginning, it might happen to be an extra expense for you, but as you proceed forward, you’ll be known of their due importance. For your awareness, we have listed the top reasons of why you need a study overseas consultants for your assistance.

  1. Link between You and Your University – The foreign college that you wish to dream in must receive plenty of applicants throughout the year and your candidature is just one of them. The best study abroad consultants have their links in these top colleges and thus, when you go through them your application is already prioritized. Plus, the process of application reply that may take weeks can now be carried out in just a few days with their assistance. They act as a direct link between you and your University and ensure that no information or data is misused by anyone.
  2. Loans And Scholarships – Not every Indian student willing to get foreign education has a stable financial background. The majority of students rely upon the facilities of loans and scholarships. And if you go for yourself in the quest of ideal one for you, you’ll surely be puzzled as the process is quite complex and time-consuming. These consultants do thorough check of your performance, background and interests and will get you the best scholarships for you. In this way, they are acting as your money managers as well.
  3. Visa Counseling and Clearance – The Visa application procedure is itself a great task to overcome. There are two nations involved and thus, this stage requires a lot of verification, documentation and ample time. The Study Abroad Consultants already have a good record in this domain and that’s how they help you pretty nicely in getting your Visa. They know the whole procedure, how much time it will take accurately, embassy procedures and a lot more and in this way, you don’t have to worry much about all these formalities. Plus, the best study abroad consultants in India also train you for the Visa interview as well.
  4. IELTS and Other Exams – The foreign colleges check your IELTS or GMAT score to check whether you are eligible for admission or not. This is a very crucial step and that’s why it is imperative for you to have the right preparation of these exams. The consultants also prepare you for these IELTS exam in a interactive and detailed manner. And thus, a good IELTS score gets a lot of impact to your application.
  5. Complete Handheld Support – Apart from these major steps in your study abroad journey, whenever you need any sort of assistance in deciding the course or college, the consultant are there for your help. No matter how many queries you have, they’ll help you get rid of all of them. And their services continue overseas as well, to get you complete help there as well.

On the account of the above mentioned and a lot more other reasons, it is quite justified that why you need a good study abroad consultant for help in you studies abroad.

What are The Most Trustworthy and Reliable Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi?

Willing to get your higher education in abroad? Don’t worry; you have plenty of study abroad consultant in new Delhi to choose from. Ever since the independence, the Nation’s capital has been a hub to all kinds of advancements and innovations. Thus, having the best overseas education consultants in Delhi is quite evident.

We have found you the best of them, which will help you in every step of getting you land into your dream foreign University.

  1. Study Overseas Help – This consultancy has been guiding students to their ideal college for more than two years now. They also have their branches in Lucknow, Mumbai and a few other places over India. Their tie-up with over 1,100 Universities provides you a lot of courses to choose from. They will help you through immigration guidance, Visa clearance, TOEFL and IELTS preparation and all other significant aspects of studying abroad. You will also be getting total travel insurance from them. They have tie-up with the best financial firm’s and thus, will get you all the financial aid in terms of loans or scholarships. There is complete transparency with us and you’ll be informed about your chances of Visa clearance or admission in the University after a deep valuation of your profile. These are the best features of Study Overseas Help which make them the best overseas consultancy in Delhi.
  2. Trans Global Overseas – This consultancy was established in the year 2009 and will help you in getting your dream college in USA, Australia, Canada or any other place. These guys assure you of the best service during your journey to abroad in unmatchable prices. You will also be trained for the IELTS, GRE, GMAT or any other relevant exam through their extensive training program. They treat every student as per his/her needs and selection of course and that’s how, you will be assisted in a personalized way throughout.
  3. Abroad Education Consultants – Abroad Education Consultants or simply AEC are one of the leading study abroad consultant in new Delhi. Their large variety of services include student profile analysis, career counseling, course selection, admission assistance, financial aid, Visa guidelines, pre-departure briefing, post-departure assistance and a lot more. Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, Singapore are their most demanded study destinations. You may also select your college with the help of their subject filter as well. And for any query or assistance, you may refer to their experts through their website.
  4. AECC Global – AECC Global Education Consultants are the best overseas education consultancy in Delhi when it comes to customer support and global reach. They have their headquarters located in Australia and can help you get your dream college anywhere on this globe. They have their reach in almost 13 countries and 37 cities and thus, very vast network of Universities. They can also help you get the experience of studying in a foreign University by arranging several virtual programs with the institutions. They will provide you end-to-end global support to any college abroad. If you want to contact them, reach out to their website.

These are the best overseas education consultancy in Delhi, just get in touch with them once and you’ll get rid of all your queries regarding studying abroad and you’ll get complete guidance from the industry experts.

Best Study Abroad Consultants in Kolkata

Kolkata, one of the most advanced and diverse metro cities in India are famous for its well-reputed colleges like Jadavpur University and University of Kolkata. But, here, you will also find young learning minds with the motive of shaping their careers by studying abroad.

And with the presence of some of the best education consultants in India, this journey of foreign studies is quite accessible for the people of Kolkata. Below, we have listed the top five study abroad consultants in Kolkata, whom you may approach and get your dream college abroad.

  1. Blue Sky Education – Blue Sky Education is a Government funded education consultants in Kolkata. They have a very good team of counselors and experts to assist the students in their journey. You’ll firstly be made to have a personal session with an expert, who will guide you properly through the selection of course and University and will help you get rid of all your questions as well. Once, you get in touch with them, you’ll get complete handheld support from Visa to Admission. You can submit your details on their website or can contact them directly through their credentials.
  2. Jamboree India – Jamboree India are another great study abroad consultants in Kolkata. They offer their assistance to each country across the globe whether it is Australia or Ireland. They will help you in taking admission in Master’s courses, Under graduate courses and MBA courses as well. Their in-house training and counseling cell is one of the best in the country. You’ll be given some great level of mentorship and guidance through their programs, mock interviews and live sessions. In short, they are a one-stop solution to your study abroad needs.
  3. Canam Consultants – In the early stage, Canam consultants used to help students with their studies in Canada and USA only. But, as the interest of students and opportunities are expanding, they also offer their services for Australian, Italian and other institutions as well. You can filter colleges and courses for you on their website and can also get your query resolved in their query section. For further counseling, you may freely get in touch with them through their website.
  4. Leap Scholar – These are study abroad consultants having their wide range of services all across India. You may have heard of it somewhere due to its extreme popularity. You can opt for personalized counseling to finance related query through their website. They also have a free one hour counseling session for those who are very new to this study abroad thing. Once you submit your details on their website, it takes them a day to evaluate the best colleges for you and then, they’ll reach out to you with the options best suited for you.
  5. Zenith Education – The prime focus of Zenith Education is to get the best college to every student as per their needs and qualifications. Their systematic approach helps the students in applying to various institutions that surely increases their chances of selection. Their training sessions include all the mock interviews and practice questions and the preparation of all the entrance exams like IELTS and GMAT. You may raise a query on their website only or may also get in touch with them on WhatsApp.

These are the best study abroad consultants in Kolkata. They provide assistance at every step of your foreign education and thus, you won’t find any problem with them. So, what’s stopping you? Contact them and raise the first step towards your better career.

Which are the Best Study Abroad Visa Consultants in Chandigarh?

If you are willing to get your higher studies done from abroad, then you must know the Visa application process and its smooth clearance is a big job in itself. You have visit the Indian Embassy, submit a good number of documents, get clearance from the University and a lot of other factors are also involved. In this tiresome job, you need a safe, trustworthy and reliable partner, who is there to help you in this process and get you your student Visa.

Don’t worry, we have found you the best study Visa consultants in Chandigarh, you can get in touch with any of these. And along with the Visa application, they will help you in other attributes of your foreign education as well.

  1. Pyramd eServices – Pyramid eServices have been helping students in getting smooth entry to their dream colleges since the last 16 years. They have their branches in Chandigarh and Delhi and are there to help you with the other aspects of your foreign studies as well. Whether you want to study in Canada or USA or any other place, you’ll get full assistance from their side. They have tie-up with more than 350 colleges all across the globe and thus, give you a wide variety to choose from.
  2. Flytouch Overseas – With an experience of more than a decade, Flytouch Overseas has got the best of experts in order to give you extraordinary assistance in your Visa clearance. Even within the visa application process, you’ll find plenty of stages to go through. Applying for Visa, going to the embassy, medical test, interview and a lot more. Even in the foreign soil, you need the perfect consultants to guide you. All this is done quite efficiently by Flytouch Overseas. They will help you from your study counseling to the post departure formalities. You may easily contact them through their website.
  3. Skyline Immigration – Unlike other study Visa consultants in Chandigarh, they deal exclusively in Student Visas and thus, give you the best service. Skyline Immigration has partnership with many government funded and private institutions which are the backbone of their huge network across the globe. They have their experts in USA, UK Canada, Ireland, Australia and other nations overseas. Be it study abroad counseling or Visa processing, you’ll always get great handheld support from their side.
  4. Study Overseas Help – Study Overseas Help are simply the best study Visa consultants in Chandigarh. They are a complete package for all your study abroad needs. They have their expertise in each attribute of foreign studies. Whether you are looking for counselors, Visa consultants, travel guidance or any other help, they will always be there for your help. Even language change won’t effect your studies as Study Overseas Help makes great arrangement of translations and transcripts for your better understanding. You can request a call back from them through their website.
  5. Koala Studies – Koala Studies is an Australia based Visa consulting firm, now getting its popularity as the best overseas education consultants in Chandigarh. Their core function is to assist students in making their careers by studying in the top colleges of USA, UK, New Zealand and other countries. Visa assistance is one of their best services provided. Their 24×7 support system will assist you in all the possible ways to get your Visa at the required time.

So, these were the best study abroad consultants in Chandigarh. They have their offices even in other states, you may freely visit their respective portals and get in touch with them.

Complete Guide to Study in Italy

The true goal of education is not limited to just bookish knowledge and academic exams. A true learned person needs to explore all the regions of development and gain the best from all such places. In this regard, studying abroad is a very good decision to be taken. You not only get to meet new people and their heritage, but also learn to adapt yourself in changing atmosphere and situations. Get rid of all your ‘study overseas’ confusions, by going through the article below.

Now, Italy is one such place that one should definitely consider while willing to study abroad. The European country is full of cultural and social heritage. The academic curriculum is much diverse in nature and supports the all-rounder growth of the students. The Universities are highly advanced, equipped with trained faculty and warmly welcome students from all over the globe.

If you too are willing to study in Italy, then you are on the right page. Below, we have a complete guide to assist you in your voyage of happy learning in Italy. Follow each step carefully and you’ll find no difficulty in your educational career.

  1. Selection of University – The foremost step, after getting done with the country, is selecting the University you want to study in. The selection of University is highly dependent upon the course you want to pursue. Each University has its own specializations and you should choose according to your interest only. If you want to pursue engineering and art courses, then you must go for Politecnico Di Milano in Italy. It has excellent facilities for these courses and is ranked 24th in the World. Similarly, Universita Di Bologna is well-known for higher studies and Sapienza University of Rome provides courses exclusively in English language for foreign students.

If you find your interest in Architecture, then the Politecnico Di Milano is a must-go for you in Italy. It is ranked 14th in the World for its UG architecture courses. For research based courses like Physics and Astronomy, the education system of Italy is unmatchable. The curriculum in Universities like Sapienza University of Rome and University of Pisa is highly advanced and will surely put you ahead of your peers.

Thus, you must firstly select the subject of your interest and then, decide the University accordingly.

  1. Applying for the University – After selecting the course and University, you have to apply to that University for your enrollment. This process is simpler for you if you are a resident of Europe only. Then, you may apple directly to any of the Italian Universities, just like any other Italian University. But, if you are not a resident of Europe, then you have to go through the Italian Embassy of your country by following the given steps.

• Enquire about the University’s eligibility criteria and entrance test of your course, through their International office. The contact details should be available on their website.

• After a confirmation from the University, you are required to submit a pre-application request at the Italian Embassy, along with ‘A letter of academic eligibility’, ‘Pre-enrollment form’, ‘Two signed passport size photographs’ and some other documents asked by the University.

These documents should be translated in Italian and submitted in the Embassy. After successful submission and verification, ask the University regarding the acceptance letter and when will they release it.

  1. Fees of Education – After you are notified about the acceptance letter, you must enquire about the fees of the course you are going to pursue. Usually the Master’s degree is more expensive than Bachelor’s degree in Italy. You should check the website if the University and make a detailed fee structure you’ll need to submit along with the dates of submission. Private Universities are costlier than the Public ones. The details of scholarship are also mentioned on their website. Check carefully and thoroughly and feel free to contact the institution incase of any query.
  2. Applying for Italian Visa – The next step is applying for Student Visa in Italy. Now, if you are a European citizen, you don’t particularly need a visa, you just need a ‘Temporary Stay Card’ which you will get from the Embassy after submitting a few documents. For the students not from Europe, there are two categories. If your course duration is less than 90 days, then you’ll have to submit an application for the ‘Presence Declare’ in Italy. This work should be done within 8 days of your arrival and you’ll be assisted by the University as well.

If the duration of the course is more than 90 days, then you’ll surely need to get a Student Visa. The same can be issued from the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country. Contact them and they’ll get you all the necessary information which shall include required documents, fees etcetera. After a few days, you’ll receive your Visa from the Embassy itself.

  1. Housing Facilities – Now, you need to figure out where you’ll be staying during the tenure of your education. You might opt for student housing availed by the University itself, shared student housing or private housing as per your convenience. The key points to consider are that the apartment is near to the institution, shops, crowded area and there is regular availability of water, electricity etcetera. Read carefully the housing contract papers, before signing them.

These are the steps that you should carefully go through, when you are planning to study in Italy. There are also plenty of ‘Study Overseas Consultants’, online or offline, which will assist you in your education journey. The country is, indeed, a dream destination for many students across the world and will surely open new doors of opportunity for you.

Who are the Best Study Abroad Consultants in Mumbai?

Mumbai, being the heart of India, also stores a great number of learning and nurturing minds in itself. You’ll find a great number of students in Mumbai willing to study abroad in different parts of the globe. And, it is also widespread that studying abroad is hell of a complex task and takes a lot of money and effort. Being honest, yes there is hard work required, but without proper guidance, you won’t reach anywhere even after struggling a lot.

And that’s why you need the support of education consultants who will help you get the right college for you and thus, shape your upcoming career. We have come up with the tip five education consultants in Mumbai, you may contact any of these and make your study abroad journey a memorable and successful one.

  1. Blueribbon Overseas – Blueribbon Overseas Education Consultants have been guiding students to their dream college since 2005. They are very well-connected as the college network is concerned. They have their office in USA as well and will easily help you in getting yourself admitted to any University in USA, Canada, Australia or Italy. Apart from the student Visa, they also help people in getting work and business Visa of other nations. You can call them or fix an appointment with them through their website.
  2. Mapmystudy – Mapmystudy Education Consultants in Mumbai have a well-defined ranking system on their website. You just have to enter your education level on their homepage and you’ll get all the personalized help from their side. They help students in getting a college in Canada, London, Australia and a couple of other countries as well. You too can book a free session of counseling on their website. They also present an overview of Visa process, Admission fee and other requirements on their website but you surely can contact them for further enquiry.
  3. GeeBee Education – They have partners all across the globe to assist students in their seamless and undisturbed foreign education. And as a result, you will find plenty of free webinars available on their website which you may join and get to know your future University in a better way. As a student, you can contact them by filling your contact details on their platform and get a call back from them. They will help you from the Application submission to your final immigration formalities.
  4. Study Overseas Help – You can discover the perfect University for you, with the awesome handheld support provided by Study Overseas Help. Their non-flinching customer service and dedication to their work makes them the best overseas education consultants in Mumbai. You just have to reach out to them once, through their website, and then you’ll be guided in a proper way to finally get you a seat in your dream college abroad. Study Overseas Help has its offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and many other places as well, so, if you’re not in Mumbai, then also you’ll get complete assistance from them.
  5. Gateways Overseas – They are yet another highly popular education consultants in Mumbai. They have partners in countries like Ireland, USA and Australia. You can contact them freely through their website. Plus, they also have a 7 days free IELTS coaching program for your convenience. They have categorized your study abroad journey into a few simple steps. These include Selection of Country, Choosing of University and Course, Get Visa assistance and fly to your dream study destination.

These are the best study abroad consultants in Mumbai. All of these are best in their own regards and you can select the one for you by visiting their respective websites.

Best Overseas Education Consultants in Pune

The complexities of application process, the huge expenses of education and living and a tough exam like IELTS are a few dangerous looking reasons because of which some students don’t pursue their foreign education and settle for a college in India only. The requirement is of awareness among the students and their parents. They should know that the application process is not that much hard to get through, scholarships are there to lower or diminish their financial burden and with a good preparation, IELTS can also be passed easily.

And that’s exactly where the idea of overseas education consultants come from. These consultants have industry experts with them who have years of experience in the field of foreign education and thus, are quite familiar with the whole process. If you are looking for the best overseas education consultants in Pune, then you have come to the right place. Below, we have listed the best of them and you may freely contact any of them and make your study abroad dream come true.

  1. Edwise International – Edwise International are one of leading education consultants in India with their head office situated in Pune. On their website, you may select the country, course and education level of yours and its algorithm will get you the best suited institutions for you across the globe. They have categorized the whole study abroad journey into five basic steps and will help you at each of them. They are namely Expert fee counseling, Identification of University and Course, Test preparation, Application process and Visa plus final departure.
  2. Global Opportunities – Global Opportunities are the Education Consultants in Pune to help you in all the formalities of your foreign education but have their best of expertise in Visa consultation and test preparation. You can prepare for exams like IELTS, GMAT, GRE etcetera once you enroll to their program. You’ll also get assistance in all other steps which include University acceptance, Visa verification etcetera. Just go to their website, fill in the details asked and you will be directly approached by them for further enquiry.
  3. Study Overseas Help – Study Overseas Help are one of the best education consultants in Pune. They will help you find and apply to your dream foreign University. They offer their assistance in a vast variety of fields. Admission assistance, Travel Guidance, Course Advice, just name your need and the dedicated staff will help you in every way possible. You can book your free consultation with them by submitting your details on their website.
  4. Canam Group – The Canam group of Education Consultants in Pune was started with the motive of landing students into their dream colleges in USA or Canada only as these two are the most preferred destinations for Indian students. But, they have mentioned on their website, as the interest of students is expanding, they are also expanding to other great countries as well. You can filter the course as per your interest and select the best one for you.
  5. Imperial Overseas – Imperial Overseas Education Consultants help you in getting a good University in Canada, USA or Australia. They have highlighted the courses like Masters in Science and MBBS on their website as the Indian students tend to study abroad specifically in these courses. Apart from these, they also help you prepare for exams like GRE and TOEFL in an interactive way. You can visit their website and book yourself a free counseling session online.

These are the best education consultants in Pune. They have their branches in Pune but you can, of course, contact them from anywhere through their website.

Best Study Abroad Consultants in Bangalore for European Countries

The European countries are a hub of globally famous Universities. The Oxford University, Cambridge University and Imperial College of London are the prime ones situated there. Whether you want to study science, technology, arts, Psychology, Arts or History, these colleges have got the best of teachers from each corner of the world and you will get in-depth knowledge of the subject here.

Now, the question arises how are you going to get yourself admitted into one of these top European Universities? Don’t worry; if you are in Bangalore, then, we have listed here the best study abroad consultants in Bangalore. You can get in touch with any of them and start your study abroad journey.

  1. Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd. – Santa Monica are one of the most popular education consultants in Bangalore. If you are not in Bangalore, then also you may get full assistance from them through their interactive sessions and webinars. They will help you in getting the best course suited to you as per your interest. Their website provides subject filters like Engineering, Healthcare, Visual Media and many more. Plus, they have tied up with plenty of foreign institutions and thus, they can provide you a glimpse of how the foreign studies are, even before you get a college.
  2. Espire Education – Espire Education are the overseas education consultants in Bangalore, who have their offices in Noida, Mumbai and Sydney as well. The consultants provide their services to the students in India, Pakistan, Nepal and other sub-continents. You can check out their education facilities in USA, UK, Australia, and Dubai all through their website only. You can easily enquire about your course and University through their website and get complete support from the consultants.
  3. Seger Overseas – Seger Overseas are another education consultants in Bangalore assisting you in your study abroad voyage. On their website’s homepage, you can fill your details and register yourself for a free online session with them and get to know the overseas education in a better way. They have mentioned the most preferred countries along with an yearly budget of your education. In this way, the students may get a glimpse of the upcoming expense and choose the country of his education accordingly.
  4. SNY Cosmos – Now, these are the education consultants in Bangalore dedicated the most towards overseas education in European countries only. On their website, you’ll find mention of major European nations only like Europe, France. They have partnership with many Universities in Europe and thus, are able to conduct plenty of webinars with them. You may register to these webinars and get to know the exact teaching methodologies of every college out there. You can book a free session on their website also.
  5. Study Overseas Help – Name any step from application assistance to your first visit to your college, Study Overseas Help is simply the best overseas education consultants in Bangalore. They will help you get into your dream European University. From University of Bologna in Italy to Oxford University, Study Overseas Help has tied up with all the renowned study destinations and are always there to help you chase and live your dream of foreign education.

So, these are the best study overseas education consultants in Bangalore, which have been in the business for plenty of years and will help you get your dream college in the best way possible. All of these have experts in study abroad field, who have mentored thousands of students in getting a seat in their desired college. So, what’s stopping you? Reach out to their website and get one step closer to your dream University.

What makes Study Overseas Help the most Trusted and Genuine Study Abroad Consultants in Jaipur ?

Well, studying overseas is a matter of pride and knowledge in itself. You are going to some other country in order to gain better knowledge, explore yourself a bit and most importantly, shape your career path in the best way possible. And in this journey, you must have the perfect consultants with you, who will guide you at every step of your study abroad journey.

If you are from Jaipur, then Study Overseas Help must not be a new name for you. They have mentored thousands of students in getting their education from reputed colleges across the globe. And there are a plenty of other reasons which shout out loud that why you should Study Overseas Help as your study overseas consultant. And yes, we have listed them for you down below.

  1. Vast variety of Institutions to Choose from – Study Overseas Help has its branch in Jaipur since 2019. The consultants have a major network of institutions all across the globe. These are not just name sake helpers, who will just help you apply to the University. But, Study Overseas Help will thoroughly make sure that your application stands out amongst the other ones and you are a priority to these institutions overseas. They have tied up with more than 1100 Universities in 30 countries and offer nearly 11,000 academic courses to you. With Study Overseas Help, you are in a well-connected atmosphere and this will surely benefit you in your studies abroad.
  2. Student Visa and Immigration Process – Practically speaking, these two are the most tiresome parts in your study abroad journey. You’ll have to submit a plethora of legal documents in the embassy, wait for approval from the University and numerous other offices to visit in order to get your Visa. Study Overseas Help has got the best of experts in the field with them. You’ll be assisted throughout the whole process and will be trained rigorously through mock interviews to pass the Visa interview with flying colors. And, they will also help you in the immigration formalities as much as possible.
  3. Language won’t be a Barrier Anymore – Suppose, you are going to study somewhere like Italy or Singapore where English is not their native language. In that case, your hurdles will definitely double up. But, with Study Overseas Help, the language change will hardly bother you. They will offer you good translation and transcription facilities. Plus, you will also be trained in the language training as you should know a bit about their language for a smooth experience. No other study abroad consultants in Jaipur will provide you such a handheld support even in your language training and passing your IELTS exam.
  4. Personalized Counseling and Mentorship Sessions – If you happen to visit other education consultants in Jaipur, then you’ll surely see a class full of students being taught by a single teacher and they call it mentorship. But, in Study Overseas Help, we stick to our promises; the consultants will provide personalized training and mentorship sessions to the students and their parents. One-on-one support and interactive sessions with the experts will help gain you confidence in the real interviews and thus, get you the best of scholarships.

These are a few of the reasons which help in making Study Overseas Help the most trustworthy consultants in the Pink City. Not only, we are quite famous there but we are also one of the pioneers of foreign studies in abroad. So, feel free to check out our website and book your free training session.