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Top 10 Reasons to Study in New Zealand

New Zealand– an island country in the south western Pacific Ocean is famous not only for its stunning and untouched natural beauty, but it also boasts of an excellent education system with a career changing and industry oriented approach towards course designs. This makes New Zealand a highly desirable country for students seeking an education abroad. So for those of you who find themselves asking the question- “why study in New Zealand?” this is the time to clear all your doubts and do away with all your misgivings. Because not only do a large number of students from different countries come to study in New Zealand every year, they also stand to gain from the hospitable nature and the job opportunities available in the country. But do not just take our word for it, read on for the top ten reasons to study in New Zealand.

  1. Top Class Education

New Zealand is a highly literate country, and their educational set up is ranked as the seventh best in the world. All the universities in New Zealand are also ranked among the top 500 universities in the QS World University Rankings. So a great education with one of the best in the world curriculum is a given in New Zealand.

  1. High Standards of Living

New Zealand is known around the world for its high standards of development, quality of life, education, protection of civil liberties, government transparency, and economic freedom as well as its advanced market economy. All these make living in New Zeeland a pleasurable experience.

  1. Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

A large number of universities in New Zealand are publicly funded, so the cost of studying is quite affordable. Although foreign education can still be expensive, the expenses can be taken care of by the many funding opportunities as well as by securing a scholarship in New Zealand. These include the New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships, New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships and the NZ-GRADS New Zealand Global Research Alliance Doctoral Scholarship.

  1. Easy Visa Processing

Student visa for New Zealand is of different types and the kind that you require will depend on the type of study you are planning to undertake and your age. As an Indian student, the most commonly required student visa is the Fee Paying Student visa. A prerequisite for all student visa processes is an offer of admission in a university or college in New Zealand.

  1. Feel at Home

A large number of Indian students study and live in New Zealand, and the country also ranks highly for its social tolerance, low crime rates and democratic values. It is therefore a warm and welcoming place for people coming from other countries.

  1. Easy on the Pocket

Studying in New Zealand is not very expensive as the country invests heavily in its education sector, therefore many of the publicly funded universities offer very affordable education. If you manage to find a scholarship or a funding source, most of your expenses will be completely taken care of.

  1. Job Opportunities

New Zealand has a service based economy with a small population. So, there are plenty of jobs in the country. In fact, there are many incentives offered to students who are willing to work in New Zealand after completing their studies.

  1. Make it Your Home

New Zealand has a small population. So securing citizenship is also possible in the country. You can apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa, which can allow to stay in New Zealand permanently. Once you find work, it can also let you secure citizenship in New Zealand.

  1. Explore Nature at its Finest

New Zealand is a stunningly beautiful country. All of you must have seen the Lord of the Rings films and appreciated the stunning locations in the film. Yes, those are all in New Zealand. With places like Bay of Islands, The Coromandel, Hobbiton and the Tongariro National Park, studying in New Zealand will also give you a chance to explore some of the most beautiful places in the world.

  1. Rich Culture

New Zealand is a diverse and multi-cultural country. Not only are the people culturally rich, but the Maori and Hangi culture are known around the world for their history and for their unique aspects. Therefore an education in the country will also give you a chance to explore one of the most prized cultures in the world.

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