Why Study in Ireland

Ireland, a neighbor island of Great Britain is situated to the east of it. Northern Ireland located on the same island is a part of the United Kingdom. This island has around 9 Universities, a few institutes of technology, and also some notable private advanced research institutes. Irish is the national language, and English is the second official language. The medium of education is English thus making it convenient for international students. Here are three reasons to Study in Ireland.

  1. Education System-Research-Work

The education system in Ireland follows the pattern of primary schooling, Secondary education consisting of the Junior Cycle, Transition year, Senior Cycle and then the Higher graduation. These are parallels for Class 10, and 12. The secondary schools have many variations like the Voluntary schools, vocational schools, community schools, and the Gaelcholáistí; the schools that use Irish as the medium of education.

International students apply to study in Ireland for the Masters, Doctorate or Post Doctoral research studies. The medium of education for this is English. Nine universities approved by the Government, nine institutes of technology, and many private universities provide standard education with innovative interventions.

According to the Irish Universities Association, around 32,000 international students are studying in Ireland, out of which over 2000 students are from India. Ireland is making its growth towards becoming the silicon valley of Europe, and as the work visas are easily obtained compared to the USA, most students are opting to study in this island country. With 10 international standard research universities, this country does not disappoint in its creative endeavors.

  1. Food, Drinks, and Nature

Known to be one of the friendliest countries, this island nation has great value and regard for culture. With kind people and a legal system that recognizes the LGBTQ community, this place is also famous for its food and drinks. Mouthwatering stews, the Irish coffee, the cottage pie, heart-filling potato soups, the Boxty, seafood, and the amazing Apple cake. There is so much more to these heart-warming dishes; and flavors that an Indian would like compared to the blander dishes its neighbor has! Irish whiskey, beers, and Irish coffee are all world-famous. Put in your list the Redbreast, Guinness, Tullamore DEW if you want the most famous drinks on the list. Irish coffee is for the cold rainy days, they say.

From historic monuments to scenic beaches, rugged cliffs, to sea stacks. Ireland is a place with many beautiful things!

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