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Best Study Abroad Consultants in Kolkata

Kolkata, one of the most advanced and diverse metro cities in India are famous for its well-reputed colleges like Jadavpur University and University of Kolkata. But, here, you will also find young learning minds with the motive of shaping their careers by studying abroad.

And with the presence of some of the best education consultants in India, this journey of foreign studies is quite accessible for the people of Kolkata. Below, we have listed the top five study abroad consultants in Kolkata, whom you may approach and get your dream college abroad.

  1. Blue Sky Education – Blue Sky Education is a Government funded education consultants in Kolkata. They have a very good team of counselors and experts to assist the students in their journey. You’ll firstly be made to have a personal session with an expert, who will guide you properly through the selection of course and University and will help you get rid of all your questions as well. Once, you get in touch with them, you’ll get complete handheld support from Visa to Admission. You can submit your details on their website or can contact them directly through their credentials.
  2. Jamboree India – Jamboree India are another great study abroad consultants in Kolkata. They offer their assistance to each country across the globe whether it is Australia or Ireland. They will help you in taking admission in Master’s courses, Under graduate courses and MBA courses as well. Their in-house training and counseling cell is one of the best in the country. You’ll be given some great level of mentorship and guidance through their programs, mock interviews and live sessions. In short, they are a one-stop solution to your study abroad needs.
  3. Canam Consultants – In the early stage, Canam consultants used to help students with their studies in Canada and USA only. But, as the interest of students and opportunities are expanding, they also offer their services for Australian, Italian and other institutions as well. You can filter colleges and courses for you on their website and can also get your query resolved in their query section. For further counseling, you may freely get in touch with them through their website.
  4. Leap Scholar – These are study abroad consultants having their wide range of services all across India. You may have heard of it somewhere due to its extreme popularity. You can opt for personalized counseling to finance related query through their website. They also have a free one hour counseling session for those who are very new to this study abroad thing. Once you submit your details on their website, it takes them a day to evaluate the best colleges for you and then, they’ll reach out to you with the options best suited for you.
  5. Zenith Education – The prime focus of Zenith Education is to get the best college to every student as per their needs and qualifications. Their systematic approach helps the students in applying to various institutions that surely increases their chances of selection. Their training sessions include all the mock interviews and practice questions and the preparation of all the entrance exams like IELTS and GMAT. You may raise a query on their website only or may also get in touch with them on WhatsApp.

These are the best study abroad consultants in Kolkata. They provide assistance at every step of your foreign education and thus, you won’t find any problem with them. So, what’s stopping you? Contact them and raise the first step towards your better career.

Author: studyoverseashelp

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