Top 10 Reasons to Study in Ireland

Are you planning to study abroad? Ireland is a trending option among Indians who wish to complete their higher education. If you are not sure why, we have 10 reasons to show why you should study in Ireland.

10 Reasons that Make Ireland the Best Place to Study

  1. Rich Community Sense:

Irish people are one of the happiest communities in the world, and the same is reflected in their culture. It is a place where people are always looking forward to enjoying their lives and having a laugh. Every international student is welcome here to be a part of this community.

  1. Sense of Hospitality:

The Irish people are highly welcoming in nature. Hospitality holds a strong position in their culture. So, if you are looking for a hospitable destination for your overseas education, Ireland is the place to be.

  1. Top Universities of Dublin:

Dublin, the capital city, is the education hub for students. All the top Universities in Ireland are located in Dublin. Students from all across the world come to Dublin to complete their higher education. Naturally, the place is buzzing with nightlife and displays diversity in culture.

  1. Easy Visa:

Getting a student visa in Ireland is easy for international students. Students who belong to the European Union or The European Economic Area can travel and study in Ireland without any visa. Even if you are not an EU or EEA member, getting an Irish Student visa is not so difficult.

  1. Develop your Accent:

The Irish accent of English is somewhat different from that of the British. Students learn the new language as they get deeper into the region. The Irish language is melodic and sweet but complicated. So, when you learn the Irish accent of English, the other heavier accents become easier for you.

  1. A Picturesque Place to Be:

The Irish landscape definitely makes it one of the desirable destinations in Europe for international students to study. Everything makes Ireland the best place to study abroad from the lush green hills to cliffs across the coastline.

  1. Low Cost of Living:

Both education and the cost of living are highly affordable in Ireland. When compared with high-budget cities like New York or London, the cost of living in Ireland seems cheap.

  1. It’s Close to Europe:

You may not have considered this reason, but Ireland, being close to reason, stands as a preferred destination for overseas education on a budget. While studying abroad in European cities like Paris or Frankfurt can turn out to be expensive, Ireland gives you the same feel at a lower budget. Plus, you can fly to Europe at a low cost during the weekends.

  1. A Combination of Modern Life and Mythology:

Ireland is the perfect combination of history and modern appearance. They value their history and culture yet accept various technologies for the development of the nation.

  1. Work Opportunity:

Getting a job after you complete your overseas educational course is easy in Ireland. You just need a reference from your college to get your Work Permit, and you can join a job on the campus.

So, what are you thinking of? Check out the list of top Irish universities and start applying today.

How To Choose a Good Education Consultant To Study Abroad?

Are you planning to study abroad? While the journey through application in different universities to landing overseas seems pretty exciting, finding a good overseas education consultant can be difficult.

Thousands of study abroad education consultants around us promise easy admission and complete support to students. But whom can you trust?

6 Steps to Choosing the Right Overseas Education Consultant Near You

Before you choose a consultant for abroad studies, understand what to expect. Good study overseas consultants ideally educate the aspirants and their parents about possible education opportunities abroad, assist them through application and visas. In fact, any good consultant will be there for every need of the candidate until they settle abroad.

Before googling about consultants on the internet, understand what services or support you need in an agent and initiate your search.

Once you know what to look for in a consultant, follow the 6 steps of verifications to choose the best.

  1. Background Verification:

A fraudulent profile is not uncommon with overseas education agents. So, background verification and checking the past record of a consultant agency are essential before signing up with them for your educational journey.

There are no shortcuts here. Check all the reviews about the consultancy, conduct a thorough market survey, and check their success rate. It is essential to shortlist transparent companies for further processing.

  1. Review Verification:

When you come across positive reviews about an agency, does it mean you have found “the” agency?

Not at all. In the modern world of online manipulation, there is always a possibility of fake reviews.

That’s why it is important to review online reviews. Look for customer testimonials and connect with them for true feedback. You can also look for the company’s physical location and social media profile to be certain of its legitimacy.

  1. Understand their Genre of Expertise:

Do you like a consultancy from its reviews? Find out what are the genres of its expertise in the case of abroad studies. Checking their experience in this field will help you understand their level of expertise in handling different student profiles.

  1. Check for Transparency:

Find out the kind of consultancy you have chosen. You need a transparent company with clear terms and conditions for their services.

If they have any hidden charges or ambiguous services and refuse to explain their services properly, the consultancy might not be the right choice.

  1. Visa and University Application Support is a Must:

The major hurdles aspirants face during overseas education appear while applying to the universities for your favorite subject or when you apply for your student visa.

A good consultancy will make this journey smooth by offering complete assistance with university and visa applications, arranging for transcripts, and document preparation.

  1. Consult Friends and Family Members:

Before you finalize with an overseas consultant for your education, always consult with your family members and friends. It is one of the easiest ways to get a good consultant. You can always try the consultants referred by your close friends. Such consultancies are more trustable than those you look up on the internet.


Consultants for overseas education are many. But finding the right one for your future studies is the real challenge. Conduct thorough background verification, check reviews, and always take advice from friends and family members before choosing an agency. The agency you finalize must be capable of supporting you through your university and visa application process.

Why Study in Ireland

Ireland, a neighbor island of Great Britain is situated to the east of it. Northern Ireland located on the same island is a part of the United Kingdom. This island has around 9 Universities, a few institutes of technology, and also some notable private advanced research institutes. Irish is the national language, and English is the second official language. The medium of education is English thus making it convenient for international students. Here are three reasons to Study in Ireland.

  1. Education System-Research-Work

The education system in Ireland follows the pattern of primary schooling, Secondary education consisting of the Junior Cycle, Transition year, Senior Cycle and then the Higher graduation. These are parallels for Class 10, and 12. The secondary schools have many variations like the Voluntary schools, vocational schools, community schools, and the Gaelcholáistí; the schools that use Irish as the medium of education.

International students apply to study in Ireland for the Masters, Doctorate or Post Doctoral research studies. The medium of education for this is English. Nine universities approved by the Government, nine institutes of technology, and many private universities provide standard education with innovative interventions.

According to the Irish Universities Association, around 32,000 international students are studying in Ireland, out of which over 2000 students are from India. Ireland is making its growth towards becoming the silicon valley of Europe, and as the work visas are easily obtained compared to the USA, most students are opting to study in this island country. With 10 international standard research universities, this country does not disappoint in its creative endeavors.

  1. Food, Drinks, and Nature

Known to be one of the friendliest countries, this island nation has great value and regard for culture. With kind people and a legal system that recognizes the LGBTQ community, this place is also famous for its food and drinks. Mouthwatering stews, the Irish coffee, the cottage pie, heart-filling potato soups, the Boxty, seafood, and the amazing Apple cake. There is so much more to these heart-warming dishes; and flavors that an Indian would like compared to the blander dishes its neighbor has! Irish whiskey, beers, and Irish coffee are all world-famous. Put in your list the Redbreast, Guinness, Tullamore DEW if you want the most famous drinks on the list. Irish coffee is for the cold rainy days, they say.

From historic monuments to scenic beaches, rugged cliffs, to sea stacks. Ireland is a place with many beautiful things!

Study Overseas Help

Applying for studies overseas can be quite a hassle. Each country has a different set of rules for admission and immigration. Hence, study abroad consultancies like Study Overseas Help guide students at each step of the admission process right until the education overseas begins.

Right from counselling students on the selection of course and university, to helping them prepare for the language entrance tests and resume presentation, all the way to getting the documents ready and applying for the Visa. Particulars about the student loan and scholarship are also provided by them along with details about the cost of living and travel expenditure.

To know more look up their webpage and consult them right away!

Top Universities in the UK

The UK, a set of islands situated in east Europe consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. With top-ranking universities and a plethora of courses, the UK attracts quite a good amount of international students. In the academic year 2019-2020, UK saw as many as around 55K students from India. Most Indian students consider study in the UK for their Masters, or PhD because of the world recognition of these universities, standard education, and the global perspective that comes with studying there.

The Universities in UK

With more than 20 universities ranking in the top 200 Universities of the world, UK Universities host a wide range of courses and majors. Medicine, Engineering, Philosophy, Literature, Law, Business, Administration, Architecture and more. Universities with classic architecture look like wallpapers; although the weather is quite bizarre, there are pretty days where you can enjoy the beauty of the UK.

The University of Oxford ranks 1st in the world in Arts and Humanities, while Cambridge ranks 3rd. They make it in the top 10 colleges for engineering too. UCL joins them in the top 10 Medial and Psychology colleges. The London School of Economics and Political Science ranks 2nd in Social science and management. St. Andrews is famous for theology, arts and humanities and philosophy.

The Top 3 Universities

  1. Oxford University

Ranked 5th in the world by QS world university rankings, this is the second oldest university in the world that is still functional. Located in London, it has more than 350 graduate courses across several disciplines. Multiple libraries, museums, galleries and the University press are a part of the University of Oxford.

  1. Cambridge

Ranked 7th in the world by QS world university rankings, this research university has six schools; Arts and Humanities, biological sciences, Physical sciences, technology, social sciences, and clinical medicine that have over 150 departments. Being one of the wealthiest universities in the UK, this university is known for its structural beauty and academic excellence.

  1. Imperial College of London

Ranked 8th in the world by QS world university rankings, this public research university is known best for its innovative approach specializes in the fields of Science, Technology, Business, and Medicine. It boasts of an impressive alumni list of Noble laureates, a Turing awardee, fellows of the Royal Society and many more.

Study Overseas Help

Education Overseas although opens up a new world of opportunities, but applying for admissions in universities of the UK can get tedious. Consultancies like Study Overseas Help specialize in helping students throughout the entire procedure and making it hassle-free.

The first step before admission is to select a course and university that suits your career plan the best. They then guide with the application process, preparing for the language tests, and resume building. The next major assistance they provide is with the Visa application; right from organizing the documents, to applying for it. They brief students about details like immigration at the airport, travel expenses, student loans and scholarships and much more. To know more visit their webpage right away.

Best Study Abroad Consultants in India

Education takes us to places, literally, and in real life, it takes us to universities and institutions. Students, choose overseas education based on the availability of course openings.

What are Study Abroad Consultancies?

With the advent of modern-day technology, applying for education in different countries has definitely become convenient. But getting the entire process done, and going right there, managing expenses, and visas is not a piece of cake. Study abroad consultancies are organization’s that help the student to apply and start education in the chosen country. Since not everyone has relatives who have completed overseas education and can guide them with the process, and not many have access to the resources and information regarding overseas education, so, the consultancies basically help you from the first step until you finally begin with the education.

Which are the Top Consultancies in India?

Different consultancies excel in various aspects of the admission process. Some specialize in Visa application while some help exclusively with the entrance exam preparation. Some of these consultancies include

  1. Edwise International

With around 20 branches across the country, this consultancy provides guidance and counselling during the selection of the course and the university in over 10 countries including New Zealand, Switzerland, the USA, Spain and others. They also help with the Test preparation, application for Visa, and to apply for student loans and scholarships.

  1. Y-Axis

This consultancy specializes in the field of guiding and providing assistance with the application of Visas; student, visitor, and work, and helping with the finding of courses and jobs overseas. It has its branches and centres located in multiple countries and within our country.

  1. IDP India

IDP India is involved with the counselling and guidance provision of course selection in countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. They provide all essential guidelines that find use while studying abroad.

  1. KC Overseas Education

This consultancy has its centres in south-east Asia, and provides assistance in course selection, test preparation, and applying to overseas universities. They also host US Virtual Education Fair and events of the same type to help with the admission process.

  1. Study Overseas Help

This consultancy, much like such others provides detailed guidance throughout the process of studying abroad. They offer course guidance and counselling, help with test preparation and admission procedure, applying for Visas and travel guidance, along with scholarship details and student loan plans.

So, Which is the Best Consultancy?

The definition of best consultancy will definitely vary with each person. But here is what one can consider while choosing one of these:

  1. The ease of access and communication with the consultancy
  2. The cost factor involved
  3. The nature of guidance provided, and the field of guidance

With this one can determine which consultancy suits best to one’s needs. Moreover, reading reviews can also help to a little extent. So read up at their websites and find a consultancy that suits you best.

Why Study in the USA

Studying in the United States of America is included in the career plan of many youths. And why not? The universities in the USA are well reputed and world recognized as standard education systems. This country with 50 states located in the North America has over 1500 public universities, while the total count of universities is over 3000. With so many options available, one can pick the university that best suits their needs and study. Here are three reasons to Study in USA.

  1. The Education System

The education system in the USA is structured into Elementary, Middle school, high school, and higher education comprising of under-graduation and graduation courses, and more. Unlike Indian education system that considers grade 10 as end of schooling, and 11th and 12th as Pre University College, the US system considers grade 9 to 12 as High school and are named as Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years.

Extracurricular activities integrated with the education system makes in interesting and holistic. While education is compulsory till grade 12, other options include vocational training and homeschooling. Majority international students apply for University level education that is graduation, post-graduation, and doctoral level studies.

Students an also work on and off-campus depending upon the type of Visa and year of study. Work permits in the field of study can also be obtained for a certain amount of months.

  1. Opportunities for Students

The medium of education in the USA is English; this makes it easier for Indian students. With multiple courses students can learn in the fields of their interest. Moreover, for students with STEM degrees, additional 24 month training extension is allowed. This helps students gain training and experience that is world recognized. The cross-cultural population of the USA, the differences in work styles, and a global perspective adds to the knowledge, experience, and global contacts which prove to be quite helpful in securing jobs.

  1. Other Small Details

USA is home to diverse flora and fauna. The National parks, beaches, fascinating places, the many libraries and Museums beautify and add on to the experience of staying in the USA.

Study Overseas Help

Studying in USA has its own perks and disadvantages. When it comes to applying for admissions, the process can get a little taxing, especially for those without proper guidance on how to do it. So, this study abroad consultancy is all about the know-hows.

They guide students at each step of the entire process. It all starts with guidance on selection of courses and universities, resume and profile building, applying for admission, preparing for the language tests, assistance with the application for Visas, travel expenses, scholarship details and much more. They help proves to be convenient handling the matters of Visa application, and immigration. They also provide information regarding cost of living and other little details necessary during travel and education in the States. To know more visit their webpage and read up right away!

Top Universities in New Zealand

New Zealand, the land of the Kiwis, and the land of unparalleled beauty, is also the land of standard education. New Zealand has 8 state-funded universities that rank in the top 3% of the universities in the world. With one of the best education systems and economic standards along with good healthcare systems, NZ is a great option to study overseas.

The Universities in New Zealand

The entire education system of New Zealand is systematically planned, and is divided into three levels much like everywhere else; early childhood education, primary and secondary education, and higher or tertiary education. So then, the international students usually are in the category of higher education.

Higher education is functional at three levels; the Industrial and technical training through institutions and private organizations’, the Wananga that have Maori teachings based education and research institutions, and the University education. The University education comprising of Graduate, Post-graduate, Doctoral, and Post-Doctoral courses, is the best option for international students.

The Top 3 Universities

New Zealand has 8 universities, all of which are in the top 500 universities of the world. The top 3 according to QS world rankings are:

  1. University of Auckland

The largest university of NZ with multiple campuses having amazing structures and facilities has around 8 schools with courses in medicine, law, business, engineering, arts, and research institutes. The Faculty and accommodation are top-notch, making it one of the best choices, as it also ranks 81st in world universities.

  1. University of Otago

Stunning scenes, and buildings that look like palaces, this is the oldest university of New Zealand. There are five campuses with the Dunedin campus being the main campus. Business, Science, Humanities, and health sciences are the major schools with multiple courses and a dozen libraries. Ranked as 184 in all universities of the world by QS, this university sure has its benefits, increasing the job opportunities.

  1. Victoria University of Wellington

This university situated in the capital city of NZ ranks 223 in the world universities ranking given by QS. It has three campuses, an ecology laboratory, libraries, and hosts multiple courses across 9 schools that include architecture, humanities and social sciences, business and government, law, science, and health.

Study Overseas HelpOverseas Education Consultant

This career advice consultancy guides students in choosing the course and university that is well suited to their career path. Study overseas help doesn’t stop right there. They assist in the entire admission procedure right from collecting all the essential documents, building the resume profile, applying for Visas, preparing with the language and entrance test, and more. They also brief their clients about the travel and living expenses, and the communication methods.

This apart the essentials regarding the student loans and scholarships with the required criteria are also explained and assisted with. To know in detail about studying in New Zealand, visit the website of Study Overseas Help and find the information under the study abroad in New Zealand section. Look up the blogs at their webpage or contact them right away to know more.

Top 10 Reasons to Study in New Zealand

New Zealand– an island country in the south western Pacific Ocean is famous not only for its stunning and untouched natural beauty, but it also boasts of an excellent education system with a career changing and industry oriented approach towards course designs. This makes New Zealand a highly desirable country for students seeking an education abroad. So for those of you who find themselves asking the question- “why study in New Zealand?” this is the time to clear all your doubts and do away with all your misgivings. Because not only do a large number of students from different countries come to study in New Zealand every year, they also stand to gain from the hospitable nature and the job opportunities available in the country. But do not just take our word for it, read on for the top ten reasons to study in New Zealand.

  1. Top Class Education

New Zealand is a highly literate country, and their educational set up is ranked as the seventh best in the world. All the universities in New Zealand are also ranked among the top 500 universities in the QS World University Rankings. So a great education with one of the best in the world curriculum is a given in New Zealand.

  1. High Standards of Living

New Zealand is known around the world for its high standards of development, quality of life, education, protection of civil liberties, government transparency, and economic freedom as well as its advanced market economy. All these make living in New Zeeland a pleasurable experience.

  1. Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

A large number of universities in New Zealand are publicly funded, so the cost of studying is quite affordable. Although foreign education can still be expensive, the expenses can be taken care of by the many funding opportunities as well as by securing a scholarship in New Zealand. These include the New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships, New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships and the NZ-GRADS New Zealand Global Research Alliance Doctoral Scholarship.

  1. Easy Visa Processing

Student visa for New Zealand is of different types and the kind that you require will depend on the type of study you are planning to undertake and your age. As an Indian student, the most commonly required student visa is the Fee Paying Student visa. A prerequisite for all student visa processes is an offer of admission in a university or college in New Zealand.

  1. Feel at Home

A large number of Indian students study and live in New Zealand, and the country also ranks highly for its social tolerance, low crime rates and democratic values. It is therefore a warm and welcoming place for people coming from other countries.

  1. Easy on the Pocket

Studying in New Zealand is not very expensive as the country invests heavily in its education sector, therefore many of the publicly funded universities offer very affordable education. If you manage to find a scholarship or a funding source, most of your expenses will be completely taken care of.

  1. Job Opportunities

New Zealand has a service based economy with a small population. So, there are plenty of jobs in the country. In fact, there are many incentives offered to students who are willing to work in New Zealand after completing their studies.

  1. Make it Your Home

New Zealand has a small population. So securing citizenship is also possible in the country. You can apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa, which can allow to stay in New Zealand permanently. Once you find work, it can also let you secure citizenship in New Zealand.

  1. Explore Nature at its Finest

New Zealand is a stunningly beautiful country. All of you must have seen the Lord of the Rings films and appreciated the stunning locations in the film. Yes, those are all in New Zealand. With places like Bay of Islands, The Coromandel, Hobbiton and the Tongariro National Park, studying in New Zealand will also give you a chance to explore some of the most beautiful places in the world.

  1. Rich Culture

New Zealand is a diverse and multi-cultural country. Not only are the people culturally rich, but the Maori and Hangi culture are known around the world for their history and for their unique aspects. Therefore an education in the country will also give you a chance to explore one of the most prized cultures in the world.

Your Consultant in Overseas Education – Why Professional Guidance is Necessary?

Once you finish school or graduate, it is normal for students to foster new dreams of higher education in foreign universities. Eventually, you face challenges while selecting the right university or course or even while applying to your favourite university. There is always an apprehension whether the universities will accept your application for the desired course.

Overseas education comes with several challenges in the path. You can end all this anxiety and confusion by getting professional advice from consultants like Study Overseas Help. These consultants provide you with professional guidance and make the daunting journey smoother. They help you prepare for the unpredicted turn of events during the course.

Why do you need professional guidance for overseas education?

Hiring a professional consultant to study abroad is always a suggested option. When you hire them, it doesn’t mean they will get you admission in a day. They help you with the process. Even with a consultant, it requires patience. But they can decide wisely based on your educational profile.

So why do you need a professional for this job when they can’t guarantee admission or a student visa?

Here we have five reasons for hiring a professional for overseas education guidance.

  1. Experience is Important:

In a field like abroad education, expertise and experience in handling student visas, applying to overseas universities, etc., make a difference. A professional overseas study consultancy will study your profile and job prospects and suggest a suitable university and courses with their experience. You can count on them about taking the right decision. Their experience makes the process hassle-free.

  1. Informed Decision Making:

If you remain transparent to an overseas study consultant about your educational and job expectations and necessary services, they help you make an informed decision. With their aid, you can select the right course, university, and, most importantly, the right country. They assist you further by editing the Statement of Purpose or Recommendation letter to the embassy for processing your student visa.

  1. Range of Options:

When you hire a reputed professional as your overseas study consultant, they supply you with multiple suitable options for abroad education. They match universities with your profile and aspirations and prepare a list. Many like Study Overseas Help work with over 1100 universities globally. Knowing the right option always speeds up the process of application.

  1. Faster Response:

The major reason for hiring a professional to assist with overseas studies is to arrange for a faster response from foreign universities. Universities receiving thousands of applications from foreign students tend to reply slow. But when they see an application from their partner consultancy, they generally provide a quicker response.

  1. Coaching and Documentation:

Consultants for abroad education do more than just look for the best universities and courses for you. They help you with preparatory classes and materials for English language proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS. Some even arrange for financial supports like education loans and scholarships. One of the major aids you get here is student visa assistance. They arrange for your transcripts while applying to universities and later take care of the visa documentation.

Final thoughts

Overseas education in foreign universities is a dream for many. The education consultants make the path easier for you with their experienced guidance. They partner with universities in the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and many more countries and help you apply and secure a seat in the reputed universities in a hassle-free manner.

Top 7 Reasons to Study in Italy

Italy has worldwide fame for being the hub of the greatest architecture, artwork, and gastronomy. The charm of Italy doesn’t end with man-made wonders. It stretches beyond breathtaking escapades like Capri, Amalfi Coast, Lake Bellagio, Tuscany, etc. Italy is inarguably inspiring. Another thing that inspires people globally is the international standard education system here.

If you are planning to study abroad for your higher education, why not study in Italy? If you are not certain about this, we have 7 reasons to come to Italy for higher education.

Top 7 Reasons to Study in Italy

  1. Italy is an International Student’s Mecca:

International students flock to Italy in thousands every year for their higher education in renowned colleges like Rome Business School, University of Parma, Fondazione Alma Mater, etc.

The University Magazine ranked Italy under the top international study centres for students from the USA. Italy holds the position for abroad studies right after the UK. A survey during 2017-18 showed that nearly 10% of the US students come to Italy to pursue their education every year.

Furthermore, the multicultural educational environment here boosts the growth of both public and private universities. Thus we can clearly conclude that Italy is one of the best choices for foreign education.

  1. Wide Array of English Degree Courses:

Do you speak Italian fluently? If yes, Italy is surely the best choice for your higher education. Even if your Italian is not fluent, the universities have wide courses available to non-Italian speaking students in English. If you are looking for language programming in English, look for universities in Rome, Siena, and Florence.

  1. A List of Disciplines for Higher Education:

Italy is famous for its gastronomy, culture, fashion, and art. Milan stands as the hub for fashion in the country with global fashion brands. Rome is the hub for architectural marvels, and Tuscany offers the best gourmet delights.

Studying here is similarly diverse. You can choose from different disciplines that meet your interest. From fashion to science, Italy has it all to offer under reputed professions and universities that offer research and innovation.

  1. Lucrative Education System:

If you want to study in Italy, you will find 100+ universities offering specialized courses under their higher education category. The QS World University Ranking in 2019 included 30 Italian Universities in their list, with 12 rankings among the top 500 universities of the world. The major universities here are over centuries-old and have the best faculties and scholarship programs.

The University of Bologna has the tag of being the world’s oldest university. Rome’s La Sapienza was established in 1303 by Pope Bonifacio VIII. It is the heritage of international education here that attracts so many students each year to the country.

  1. Italian Food and Culture:

Italy is renowned in the world as the “Cultural Superpower” on this earth. The destination is rich in science, literature, art, sculpture, music, and architecture. But apart from the art and fashion, it holds the reputation of a country with the largest numbers of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. There are over 3000 museums in the country. The gourmet, culture, and lifestyle here always mesmerize us. To add more to the charm, the huge array of landscapes makes education here phenomenal.

  1. Affordability:

One of the biggest reasons international students study here is the affordability of course fees and university administration fees. Plus, you can always avail yourself of the excellent scholarship programs here.

  1. Graduation is Fun:

If you are not aware of the weird Italian graduation trend, here is a brief to make it exciting for you. Students wear goofy costumes during the graduation ceremony, and their family members and friends litter students with eggs, ketchup, and similar food items. Students can also join caricature postures.


Italy is the global hub for leading international education. To study in Italy, understand the budget for higher education and select courses from the wide array present with leading universities.