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Top 10 Overseas Education Consultants in Delhi

Looking for a perfect guide to help you land in your dream University abroad? Don’t worry, we have listed the right one’s for you all at one place.

Well, studying abroad is just like a dream come true to every student out there. Everyone wants to explore, gain bunch of knowledge and shape his career path in the best way possible. And in this awesome journey, having some part of your education from a foreign University is of course a cherry on the cake. You, not only get to learn from the best of minds amongst other great learners but you also get the advantage of exploring yourself in a different way.

But, it’s easier said than done. And yes, the road to your foreign education can be slightly more difficult than it may appear to you. There are a bunch of procedures included from the selection of course to the final Visa interview. And in this voyage, you must have someone having expertise in the domain. That’s why, we have the overseas education consultants in Delhi. You can get in touch with any of the ones listed below and get complete handheld support.

  1. APSA – Academic and Professional Studies Abroad or APSA are one of the pioneers in foreign education consultation in Delhi NCR. The firm offers assistance to students willing to study in any reputed University across the globe. Their homepage lists the most popular destinations like Canada, Australia, USA, Singapore etcetera. International scholarships, IELTS preparation, foreign language preparation or free counseling, APSA will help you at each step and in every way possible.
  2. GlobalEdge – Global Edge Education Consultants in New Delhi are another great name in the field of studying abroad. The organization currently helps you get into Universities of Canada, Ireland and UK, but is soon willing to expand to Australia, USA and other great Nations. Their website claims to have 97 percent success rate and has mentored thousands of study abroad aspirants. You too can book a free session by visiting their website.
  3. Edwise International – Now, Edwise International tends to provide a highly dynamic interface to its users. The consultants have been counseling students for more than 30 years. On their website, you’ll find the complete procedure of foreign study in a concise manner. You can even select the desired country, University and course and see the complete procedure customized just for you.
  4. Colluni – College And University Abroad or Colluni are also amongst the most preferred study abroad consultant in new Delhi. They provide their services to students willing to get their education from USA, UK, Canada, Ireland and a few other nations. You can get full information about studying abroad through their blogs and can even book a free counseling session by submitting your contact details on their website.
  5. IDP – IDP, through their website, offer you all the facilities you might need in your study abroad journey. Just visit their website, fill all your required details and their team will contact you in a free personalized session. You may ask any of your queries there. Moreover, their app will customize the whole procedure of foreign education application for you.
  6. Y Axis – These are not just a foreign education consultants in New Delhi, Y axis helps you in growing your career path as well. Unlike other foreign education consultants, Y axis also offers a large number of opportunities to working professionals as well. Visit their website and enquire yourself. You can also get Business VISA or Job VISA through their assistance. By looking at your current details, their website will tell you your eligibility to either work or study in a foreign country.
  7. Glion Overseas – You will surely increase your chances of getting accepted by a foreign University if you go through Glion Overseas. The consultants have been helping students find their ideal institution for more than a decade. They will help you from the very early steps of studying abroad to finally getting you a seat in a foreign University. You can request a call back from Glion Overseas by submitting your details on the website and can freely contact them through their contact number on their website.
  8. Admissify Edutech – Admissify Edutech app and website are designed in such a way so as to find the best University for you, as per your qualifications. On their website, you’ll be asked your current education, marks and other relevant information after which, you will be given a list of colleges best suited to your qualifications. You can explore other Universities on their website as well and know more about the foreign institutions.
  9. Gateway Abroad – Gateway Abroad is yet another very popular overseas consultancy in Delhi. They offer all the required services like education loan, career counseling, course selection, admission guidance etcetera to the students willing to make their career by studying abroad. You may register on their website and get to know the whole process after getting in touch with one of their experts.
  10. Study Overseas Help – Study Overseas Help is one such overseas education consultant in Delhi that is most grounded in terms of practical applications. You’ll be introduced to the exact methods and expenses of your foreign education. You’ll get complete handheld support in admission enquiry, IELTS preparation, VISA interview and all other attributes. Just select the country of your choice on their website and the whole information regarding studies in that place will be provided to you in a heavily detailed manner.

These are the best overseas education consultants in Delhi. You may visit their website and decide for yourself, who’s going to be your guide in your studies abroad.

How Can You Learn Italian Language in Italy?

Whether you are willing to study in Italy or want to travel to this great country in Europe, learning the native language is always a plus point for you. The language barrier is lifted and the interaction is no more dominated by the language difference. If you are going to Italy for a long-term study course, then learning Italian language is going to assist you in your studies in a great way. The ‘We’ feeling emerges itself, when you talk to someone in their own language.

Don’t worry about learning a foreign language on a foreign land? The internet has made our life quite easy. We have, below, gathered the best resources for you to soak-in the Italian language in a interactive and interesting yet affordable way. These courses are listed according to the best places in Italy. So, you may easily surf and look for the language course in the location of your stay.

  1. Learn Italian in Rome – Rome is the largest city in Italy and thus, offers a great deal of exploration for the travelers. You may sooth your eyes by admiring the great architecture of Hadrian’s Villa and Sistine Chapel. The food is exotic and a big attraction for the tourists and the students.

The Italian learning courses are taken in the International House – Dilit in Rome. The courses are highly detailed in nature. The same start from a minimum of 315 Euros a week.

  1. Learn Italian in Milan – Milan is the prime hub of fashion and forward thinking in Italy. This is the place where heritage art work is combined with the new methods of designing and a whole new artwork is originated. Milan provides great educational facilities as well, so you can easily sharpen your Italian learning with interaction from native as well as foreign students. The Milan Cathedral, Church of Santa Maria and Lake Como to Venice are a must watch in Milan and all these experiences can be enhanced with a bit of control over their native language.

The classes are held at theLinguadue in Milan and cost as low as 265 Euros per week.

  1. Learn Italian in Florence – Travel to Florence and you’ll be surrounded by the highly welcoming local people and well-made streets along with numerous architectural monuments to amaze you. Along with learning Italian, you will also indulge yourself in travelling to the Uffizi Gallery and the Cathedral of Santa Maria. And make sure to travel the local markets to know more about the local artwork and people.

The learning centers are at Linguaviva and the programs are as low as 260 Euros for a week.

  1. Learn Italian in Sienna – Sienna is one such city in Italy that equally competes with Milan on the ground of architecture and historic monuments. The local cafes and the medieval time museums are a must watch and ideal to practice your Italian speaking skills. From the Palazzo Pubblico to Rapolano Terms, everything is a wonder and attracts lots of tourists.

The Italian learning courses are held at Dante and are highly affordable from just 30 Euros a week.

  1. Learn Italian in Bologna – If you have been looking for best study abroad programs in Italy, then the Universities in Bologna must have topped your list. This place is full of reputed institutions and historic amazements which make this an ideal place for the foreign students and tourists. A very well-connected city with just hours away from Rome and Milan, will surely give you lots of exquisite cuisines to quench your thirst of local delicacies.

The classes are held daily at Cultura Italiana and cost at least 300 Euros per week.

These are the best Italian learning courses in some of the best cities in Italy. Visit the website of the institutions and decide the best one for you.

Airports in Italy: Choosing the Best Airport for your Next Trip to Italy

Italy is, undoubtedly, a prime attraction for many art lovers and lovers of fine cuisines. From the medieval churches in Rome to the business and fashion hub in Milan, travelers come from each corner of the globe to admire its beauty.

The European country is also well-known for its educational institution that offers great level of learning through their foreign study programs.

Just like these, everyone has a different purpose to travel to Italy. But, all the travelers are interested in famous cities like Rome, Milan, Bologna or Florence. To assist you further in your voyage, we are providing a list of the best airports in Italy. You may choose the one which is well-connected to your desired location and thus, save yourself a great deal of time and money, which you can use in far more productive ways.

  1. Leonardo Da-Vinci Fiumicino Airport – This airport is located in the most famous city of Italy, Rome and thus, also known as Rome Fiumicino Airport. The Vatican City, The Pantheon, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain and several other tourist spots of Rome are at an affordable distance from this airport and you may easily use public buses and taxis for your convenience.

It connects various domestic and international flights and has a daily passenger count of nearly 42 million. This makes it one of the busiest airports in Italy.

  1. Pisa International Airport – The major tourist attraction in Italy is the Leaning Tower of Pisa and this airport has been named after the wonder because of its nearness to the same. This is the main international airport in Tuscany and is also known is Galileo Galilie Airport. A taxi from the airport to Pisa downtown costs just 15 Euros and 10 minutes of yours. Public transport like Pisamover is also available and is a cheap alternative to the taxi service.

This is a military airport built before World War 2 and experiences a passenger count of nearly 5 million in a year.

  1. Florence Airport – This airport is almost at the heart of Tuscany and that’s the reason of its easy approach to any tourist spot in the city. The only disadvantage is the limited intake of flights in the airport. A taxi can take you from this airport to the main Florence downtown for just 20 Euros in 15 minutes or you may also go for a tram or bus ride, which are way affordable. The airport is at a great location but due to limited flights, travelers prefer the above two airports over it.

The airport is the second busiest airport in Tuscany after The Pisa airport and gets more than a million visitors each year.

  1. Venice Marco Polo Airport Milan is the topmost priority for the tourists interested in business models and fashion designs of Italy. Brera District, Sforza Castle, Aperitivo and many other great buildings are located in Milan. And this airport is the nearest to Milan, which makes this quite busy in peak times of the year. You can easily get a taxi to Milan which will take you to the downtown in just 20 minutes.

5. Naples International Airport If the main purpose of your visit to Italy is touring in Pompeii, Positano or Capri, then this is the ideal airport for you. It is close to the city center and local transport is always there to take you there for just 15 Euros.

It is a considerably busy airport and gets visits of more than 10 million passengers.

These are the best airports in Italy. You should look carefully for your landing airport while you are planning your visit to Italy and these ones are the most preferred and well-connected airports.

Enjoy The Rich Culture of Italy Through it’s Fairs and Festivals

The culture and heritage of any country are well-reflected through its diverse festivals. And these are the best times if you’re willing to visit that country. Italy is also a land carrying several historic, ethnic and social moments in itself. It performs and celebrates a number of festivals in which it’s culture is highly admired.

These festivals are highlighted by the immense excitement of the native people, well-groomed fairs and social parades and of course it’s exquisite cuisines. Thus, if you are planning your vacation to Italy, then plan them around its best festivals that are listed below and make your trip a lifetime experience to share and cherish.

  1. Carnevale As the name strongly resembles to ‘Carnival’, the festival is also made memorable through its grand carnivals that are held every year. The festival embarks the beginning of Lent in Italy. Lent is the period when Christians don’t practice revelry and meat consumption. The grand parades and masquerade balls are arranged at various cities like Venice and Cento.

The celebration takes place in February or March and you will surely live through the colorful culture of Italy through these parade.

  1. Battle of Oranges Welcome to the biggest food fight festival in Italy known as the Battle of Oranges. The festival signifies the uprising of common people that was led as a result of cruel rule from the ruler named Ranieri Di Bankrate. The participants form teams and attack the opponents with oranges from the roadside as well as from travel buses. The whole city is painted orange and majority cuisines are comprised of orange only, to celebrate the win of the common people.

This festival is held in the month of February every year.

  1. Regatta Program in Venice – Apart from the great architecture and museums, Venice is famous for the Regatta program as well. The festival has its roots in 1955 when the four republics emerged victorious. This sport event is carried out in May and June. On this day, several patriotic parades are carried out in various parts of Venice and even memorable figures are circulated.

Colorful boat parades are also carried out and local people gather in large groups to celebrate this day of republic and courage in Venice.

  1. Oh bej! Oh bej! The English translation to the festival name is ‘Oh so nice, oh so nice’. This festival embarks the beginning of a festive season in Milan. Milan is one of busiest city in Milan, being the fashion and trade hub. And on this day, its beauty is a treat to all the art lovers. This festival is just like a Christmas parade. The whole pathway is well-decorated and people gather in colorful dresses to celebrate the festival.

And this festive fair is held in various parts of Milan in the month of December.

  1. Infiorata Festival This is the festival of flowers in Italy in the month of May. All the streets and abbeys are decorated with flower petals and arts made of flower. The whole Italy is made colorful, while the major attraction is the city of Spello, from where the festival originates. The decorations are done from natural flowers, petals and leaves only and the use of synthetic artifacts is strictly avoided.

If you are planning to visit Italy, then you should not miss this colorful festival and you’ll surely fall in love with the beauty of flowers in this fair.

These are a few of the best festivals that are celebrated warmly in Italy. Being a part of such great celebrations is a treat in itself.

Is Canada Cheap to Study ?

Even if you don’t think so, it can be highly affordable to study in Canada. The demand for studying abroad in Canada is increasing with the passing years among Indians. If you want an affordable destination to study abroad, Canada is the place for you.

But is it Just a Myth, or is Study in Canada Cost Really Cheap?

Here we have 3 reasons that make Canada a cheap place to study for international students.

3 Reasons that Make Canada a Cheap Destination for Overseas Education

  1. Low Cost of Education:

The Canadian Universities offer world-class education at a low tuition fee. The Undergraduate courses in Canada start from $5542 per year. Post-graduate degrees start from $10000 per annum. Such amount is much lesser than what universities charge in other first-world countries, like the USA, the UK, or France, and other European nations.

  1. Low Cost of Accommodation:

The cost of living is very low in Canada. International students get three different options when they look for accommodation in Canada

  1. Homestays or shared lodging with the homeowner
  2. University hostels
  3. Private accommodations, like independent or shared apartments

The cost of living varies with the mode of accommodation you choose. International students pay an amount ranging between $3000-$7500 per annum if they stay in a university hostel accommodation. Staying at a shared apartment, the expense can be about $6500 per annum.

  1. Cost of Living:

Apart from the low cost of accommodation, the other expenses are highly affordable as well.

Some of the standard expenses you bear in Canada are-

• Two meals per day: $12 per student
• Local transportation: $2.5 per day
• Monthly Entertainment: $30

To stay in Canada and study, it is compulsory to have health insurance. Health insurance in Canada costs about $455-$607 per annum. If you are planning on a budget for staying in Canada, you must consider the expenses you might face because of the freezing winters. There are additional expenses for warm clothing, fire, etc.


Several expenses are involved when it comes to studying abroad. Study in Canada cost in Rupees is far less than what you spend in other first-world countries. Not only are the cost of living, accommodation, and education low, but also other expenses like the application fees, visa fees, etc. In short, Canada truly is a cheap place to study.

Top 10 Reasons to Study in Ireland

Are you planning to study abroad? Ireland is a trending option among Indians who wish to complete their higher education. If you are not sure why, we have 10 reasons to show why you should study in Ireland.

10 Reasons that Make Ireland the Best Place to Study

  1. Rich Community Sense:

Irish people are one of the happiest communities in the world, and the same is reflected in their culture. It is a place where people are always looking forward to enjoying their lives and having a laugh. Every international student is welcome here to be a part of this community.

  1. Sense of Hospitality:

The Irish people are highly welcoming in nature. Hospitality holds a strong position in their culture. So, if you are looking for a hospitable destination for your overseas education, Ireland is the place to be.

  1. Top Universities of Dublin:

Dublin, the capital city, is the education hub for students. All the top Universities in Ireland are located in Dublin. Students from all across the world come to Dublin to complete their higher education. Naturally, the place is buzzing with nightlife and displays diversity in culture.

  1. Easy Visa:

Getting a student visa in Ireland is easy for international students. Students who belong to the European Union or The European Economic Area can travel and study in Ireland without any visa. Even if you are not an EU or EEA member, getting an Irish Student visa is not so difficult.

  1. Develop your Accent:

The Irish accent of English is somewhat different from that of the British. Students learn the new language as they get deeper into the region. The Irish language is melodic and sweet but complicated. So, when you learn the Irish accent of English, the other heavier accents become easier for you.

  1. A Picturesque Place to Be:

The Irish landscape definitely makes it one of the desirable destinations in Europe for international students to study. Everything makes Ireland the best place to study abroad from the lush green hills to cliffs across the coastline.

  1. Low Cost of Living:

Both education and the cost of living are highly affordable in Ireland. When compared with high-budget cities like New York or London, the cost of living in Ireland seems cheap.

  1. It’s Close to Europe:

You may not have considered this reason, but Ireland, being close to reason, stands as a preferred destination for overseas education on a budget. While studying abroad in European cities like Paris or Frankfurt can turn out to be expensive, Ireland gives you the same feel at a lower budget. Plus, you can fly to Europe at a low cost during the weekends.

  1. A Combination of Modern Life and Mythology:

Ireland is the perfect combination of history and modern appearance. They value their history and culture yet accept various technologies for the development of the nation.

  1. Work Opportunity:

Getting a job after you complete your overseas educational course is easy in Ireland. You just need a reference from your college to get your Work Permit, and you can join a job on the campus.

So, what are you thinking of? Check out the list of top Irish universities and start applying today.

How To Choose a Good Education Consultant To Study Abroad?

Are you planning to study abroad? While the journey through application in different universities to landing overseas seems pretty exciting, finding a good overseas education consultant can be difficult.

Thousands of study abroad education consultants around us promise easy admission and complete support to students. But whom can you trust?

6 Steps to Choosing the Right Overseas Education Consultant Near You

Before you choose a consultant for abroad studies, understand what to expect. Good study overseas consultants ideally educate the aspirants and their parents about possible education opportunities abroad, assist them through application and visas. In fact, any good consultant will be there for every need of the candidate until they settle abroad.

Before googling about consultants on the internet, understand what services or support you need in an agent and initiate your search.

Once you know what to look for in a consultant, follow the 6 steps of verifications to choose the best.

  1. Background Verification:

A fraudulent profile is not uncommon with overseas education agents. So, background verification and checking the past record of a consultant agency are essential before signing up with them for your educational journey.

There are no shortcuts here. Check all the reviews about the consultancy, conduct a thorough market survey, and check their success rate. It is essential to shortlist transparent companies for further processing.

  1. Review Verification:

When you come across positive reviews about an agency, does it mean you have found “the” agency?

Not at all. In the modern world of online manipulation, there is always a possibility of fake reviews.

That’s why it is important to review online reviews. Look for customer testimonials and connect with them for true feedback. You can also look for the company’s physical location and social media profile to be certain of its legitimacy.

  1. Understand their Genre of Expertise:

Do you like a consultancy from its reviews? Find out what are the genres of its expertise in the case of abroad studies. Checking their experience in this field will help you understand their level of expertise in handling different student profiles.

  1. Check for Transparency:

Find out the kind of consultancy you have chosen. You need a transparent company with clear terms and conditions for their services.

If they have any hidden charges or ambiguous services and refuse to explain their services properly, the consultancy might not be the right choice.

  1. Visa and University Application Support is a Must:

The major hurdles aspirants face during overseas education appear while applying to the universities for your favorite subject or when you apply for your student visa.

A good consultancy will make this journey smooth by offering complete assistance with university and visa applications, arranging for transcripts, and document preparation.

  1. Consult Friends and Family Members:

Before you finalize with an overseas consultant for your education, always consult with your family members and friends. It is one of the easiest ways to get a good consultant. You can always try the consultants referred by your close friends. Such consultancies are more trustable than those you look up on the internet.


Consultants for overseas education are many. But finding the right one for your future studies is the real challenge. Conduct thorough background verification, check reviews, and always take advice from friends and family members before choosing an agency. The agency you finalize must be capable of supporting you through your university and visa application process.

Why Study in Ireland

Ireland, a neighbor island of Great Britain is situated to the east of it. Northern Ireland located on the same island is a part of the United Kingdom. This island has around 9 Universities, a few institutes of technology, and also some notable private advanced research institutes. Irish is the national language, and English is the second official language. The medium of education is English thus making it convenient for international students. Here are three reasons to Study in Ireland.

  1. Education System-Research-Work

The education system in Ireland follows the pattern of primary schooling, Secondary education consisting of the Junior Cycle, Transition year, Senior Cycle and then the Higher graduation. These are parallels for Class 10, and 12. The secondary schools have many variations like the Voluntary schools, vocational schools, community schools, and the Gaelcholáistí; the schools that use Irish as the medium of education.

International students apply to study in Ireland for the Masters, Doctorate or Post Doctoral research studies. The medium of education for this is English. Nine universities approved by the Government, nine institutes of technology, and many private universities provide standard education with innovative interventions.

According to the Irish Universities Association, around 32,000 international students are studying in Ireland, out of which over 2000 students are from India. Ireland is making its growth towards becoming the silicon valley of Europe, and as the work visas are easily obtained compared to the USA, most students are opting to study in this island country. With 10 international standard research universities, this country does not disappoint in its creative endeavors.

  1. Food, Drinks, and Nature

Known to be one of the friendliest countries, this island nation has great value and regard for culture. With kind people and a legal system that recognizes the LGBTQ community, this place is also famous for its food and drinks. Mouthwatering stews, the Irish coffee, the cottage pie, heart-filling potato soups, the Boxty, seafood, and the amazing Apple cake. There is so much more to these heart-warming dishes; and flavors that an Indian would like compared to the blander dishes its neighbor has! Irish whiskey, beers, and Irish coffee are all world-famous. Put in your list the Redbreast, Guinness, Tullamore DEW if you want the most famous drinks on the list. Irish coffee is for the cold rainy days, they say.

From historic monuments to scenic beaches, rugged cliffs, to sea stacks. Ireland is a place with many beautiful things!

Study Overseas Help

Applying for studies overseas can be quite a hassle. Each country has a different set of rules for admission and immigration. Hence, study abroad consultancies like Study Overseas Help guide students at each step of the admission process right until the education overseas begins.

Right from counselling students on the selection of course and university, to helping them prepare for the language entrance tests and resume presentation, all the way to getting the documents ready and applying for the Visa. Particulars about the student loan and scholarship are also provided by them along with details about the cost of living and travel expenditure.

To know more look up their webpage and consult them right away!

Top Universities in the UK

The UK, a set of islands situated in east Europe consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. With top-ranking universities and a plethora of courses, the UK attracts quite a good amount of international students. In the academic year 2019-2020, UK saw as many as around 55K students from India. Most Indian students consider study in the UK for their Masters, or PhD because of the world recognition of these universities, standard education, and the global perspective that comes with studying there.

The Universities in UK

With more than 20 universities ranking in the top 200 Universities of the world, UK Universities host a wide range of courses and majors. Medicine, Engineering, Philosophy, Literature, Law, Business, Administration, Architecture and more. Universities with classic architecture look like wallpapers; although the weather is quite bizarre, there are pretty days where you can enjoy the beauty of the UK.

The University of Oxford ranks 1st in the world in Arts and Humanities, while Cambridge ranks 3rd. They make it in the top 10 colleges for engineering too. UCL joins them in the top 10 Medial and Psychology colleges. The London School of Economics and Political Science ranks 2nd in Social science and management. St. Andrews is famous for theology, arts and humanities and philosophy.

The Top 3 Universities

  1. Oxford University

Ranked 5th in the world by QS world university rankings, this is the second oldest university in the world that is still functional. Located in London, it has more than 350 graduate courses across several disciplines. Multiple libraries, museums, galleries and the University press are a part of the University of Oxford.

  1. Cambridge

Ranked 7th in the world by QS world university rankings, this research university has six schools; Arts and Humanities, biological sciences, Physical sciences, technology, social sciences, and clinical medicine that have over 150 departments. Being one of the wealthiest universities in the UK, this university is known for its structural beauty and academic excellence.

  1. Imperial College of London

Ranked 8th in the world by QS world university rankings, this public research university is known best for its innovative approach specializes in the fields of Science, Technology, Business, and Medicine. It boasts of an impressive alumni list of Noble laureates, a Turing awardee, fellows of the Royal Society and many more.

Study Overseas Help

Education Overseas although opens up a new world of opportunities, but applying for admissions in universities of the UK can get tedious. Consultancies like Study Overseas Help specialize in helping students throughout the entire procedure and making it hassle-free.

The first step before admission is to select a course and university that suits your career plan the best. They then guide with the application process, preparing for the language tests, and resume building. The next major assistance they provide is with the Visa application; right from organizing the documents, to applying for it. They brief students about details like immigration at the airport, travel expenses, student loans and scholarships and much more. To know more visit their webpage right away.

Best Study Abroad Consultants in India

Education takes us to places, literally, and in real life, it takes us to universities and institutions. Students, choose overseas education based on the availability of course openings.

What are Study Abroad Consultancies?

With the advent of modern-day technology, applying for education in different countries has definitely become convenient. But getting the entire process done, and going right there, managing expenses, and visas is not a piece of cake. Study abroad consultancies are organization’s that help the student to apply and start education in the chosen country. Since not everyone has relatives who have completed overseas education and can guide them with the process, and not many have access to the resources and information regarding overseas education, so, the consultancies basically help you from the first step until you finally begin with the education.

Which are the Top Consultancies in India?

Different consultancies excel in various aspects of the admission process. Some specialize in Visa application while some help exclusively with the entrance exam preparation. Some of these consultancies include

  1. Edwise International

With around 20 branches across the country, this consultancy provides guidance and counselling during the selection of the course and the university in over 10 countries including New Zealand, Switzerland, the USA, Spain and others. They also help with the Test preparation, application for Visa, and to apply for student loans and scholarships.

  1. Y-Axis

This consultancy specializes in the field of guiding and providing assistance with the application of Visas; student, visitor, and work, and helping with the finding of courses and jobs overseas. It has its branches and centres located in multiple countries and within our country.

  1. IDP India

IDP India is involved with the counselling and guidance provision of course selection in countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. They provide all essential guidelines that find use while studying abroad.

  1. KC Overseas Education

This consultancy has its centres in south-east Asia, and provides assistance in course selection, test preparation, and applying to overseas universities. They also host US Virtual Education Fair and events of the same type to help with the admission process.

  1. Study Overseas Help

This consultancy, much like such others provides detailed guidance throughout the process of studying abroad. They offer course guidance and counselling, help with test preparation and admission procedure, applying for Visas and travel guidance, along with scholarship details and student loan plans.

So, Which is the Best Consultancy?

The definition of best consultancy will definitely vary with each person. But here is what one can consider while choosing one of these:

  1. The ease of access and communication with the consultancy
  2. The cost factor involved
  3. The nature of guidance provided, and the field of guidance

With this one can determine which consultancy suits best to one’s needs. Moreover, reading reviews can also help to a little extent. So read up at their websites and find a consultancy that suits you best.