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Is Canada Cheap to Study ?

Even if you don’t think so, it can be highly affordable to study in Canada. The demand for studying abroad in Canada is increasing with the passing years among Indians. If you want an affordable destination to study abroad, Canada is the place for you.

But is it Just a Myth, or is Study in Canada Cost Really Cheap?

Here we have 3 reasons that make Canada a cheap place to study for international students.

3 Reasons that Make Canada a Cheap Destination for Overseas Education

  1. Low Cost of Education:

The Canadian Universities offer world-class education at a low tuition fee. The Undergraduate courses in Canada start from $5542 per year. Post-graduate degrees start from $10000 per annum. Such amount is much lesser than what universities charge in other first-world countries, like the USA, the UK, or France, and other European nations.

  1. Low Cost of Accommodation:

The cost of living is very low in Canada. International students get three different options when they look for accommodation in Canada

  1. Homestays or shared lodging with the homeowner
  2. University hostels
  3. Private accommodations, like independent or shared apartments

The cost of living varies with the mode of accommodation you choose. International students pay an amount ranging between $3000-$7500 per annum if they stay in a university hostel accommodation. Staying at a shared apartment, the expense can be about $6500 per annum.

  1. Cost of Living:

Apart from the low cost of accommodation, the other expenses are highly affordable as well.

Some of the standard expenses you bear in Canada are-

• Two meals per day: $12 per student
• Local transportation: $2.5 per day
• Monthly Entertainment: $30

To stay in Canada and study, it is compulsory to have health insurance. Health insurance in Canada costs about $455-$607 per annum. If you are planning on a budget for staying in Canada, you must consider the expenses you might face because of the freezing winters. There are additional expenses for warm clothing, fire, etc.


Several expenses are involved when it comes to studying abroad. Study in Canada cost in Rupees is far less than what you spend in other first-world countries. Not only are the cost of living, accommodation, and education low, but also other expenses like the application fees, visa fees, etc. In short, Canada truly is a cheap place to study.

Top 10 Reasons to Study in Canada

Canada is prosperous country which has become a gold standard for other countries, showing the world how to develop economically, culturally and politically and take the development to the local people. The country not only has the seventeenth-highest nominal per-capita income globally, making it economically well-off, but it is also known for government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education. So if you are planning to study in Canada, you have already made a great choice and you can look forward to having an excellent opportunity at studying at some of the best educational institutions in the world.

Undertaking a study in Canada for Indian students is especially lucrative not only because of the warmth and friendliness that Canadians are known for, but also because Canada has a large Indian population that is sure to prevent any homesickness you may be prone to. Let us know get on with the top ten reasons to study in Canada-

  1. Cost-Effective Education

The educational infrastructure in Canada is largely funded and overseen by federal, provincial, and local governments and the government in Canada invests heavily in its education sector, with about 5.3 percent of its GDP spent on education. This makes the education system in Canada very affordable because the costs are borne in large part by the government.

  1. Some of the World’s Top Universities

Canada has some of the best universities in the world. In fact, Canadian universities are now competing with the top universities from USA and Australia in terms of educational output and student opportunities. Some of the top-ranked Canadian universities are the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, the McGill University, the University of Montreal, and the University of Alberta

  1. Work Opportunities Abound

Canada is one of the world’s top ten trading nations, with a highly globalized economy, requiring expert professionals from almost every industrial field. So anyone who is willing to work hard and apply themselves can be sure of finding great work opportunities in Canada.

  1. Presence of Indian Diaspora

Like we said before, Canada is a mutli-cultural country and there is a large Indian diaspora living there. In fact, around 4% of the total population of Canada is of Indian origin! This makes studying and working in the country comparatively easier and manageable.

  1. Well Educated Population

Canada is one of the most educated countries in the world- with the world’s highest number of adults having tertiary education. More than half of Canadian adults have attained at least an undergraduate college or university degree. So, you would be living amongst an educated and highly civilized society, something that can change the personality of a human for good.

  1. Be Close to Nature

Canada is not only immensely beautiful, but it is also one of the least corrupt countries in the world. Some of the world’s most ecologically diverse and beautiful places are situated in Canada, So living and studying in Canada gives one the opportunity to explore nature in its purest form.

  1. Great Chance of Securing Citizenship

The citizenship rules in the country are also highly accommodative, so getting a citizenship is also hassle-free. In fact, after one year students can apply for becoming permanent residents of Canada.

  1. No Language Barrier

Although there are regions in Canada where French language is also spoken, a majority and in fact, most of the Canadians are English-speakers. So it is pretty easy to communicate with people in Canada and you can go around without any linguistic hassles! All universities from Canada also offer English-taught degrees for all Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level.

  1. Safe and Secure Environment

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. The country has been consistently ranked as one of the safest nations and in 2018, the Global Peace Index listed Canada as the sixth peaceful country across the globe.

  1. Equality and Justice

Canadian people are considered very friendly, welcoming and hospitable. As an international student, you’ll enjoy the same rights as any other Canadian. So you or your parents do not have to worry about your safety and security in a foreign land.

  1. Diversity

Canada is a vastly multi-cultural and multi-ethnic state. From the Indian nations to the French-speaking Quebec region, there are so many diverse and vibrant cultures thriving in Canada that it would really be a pity if one does not agree with the idea that Canada is one of the most perfect places to study and live in the world!

A study in Canada is one of the best career choices that one can make, and with some dedication and hard work, you can turn yourself into a successful and thriving professional in any field!