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Airports in Italy: Choosing the Best Airport for your Next Trip to Italy

Italy is, undoubtedly, a prime attraction for many art lovers and lovers of fine cuisines. From the medieval churches in Rome to the business and fashion hub in Milan, travelers come from each corner of the globe to admire its beauty.

The European country is also well-known for its educational institution that offers great level of learning through their foreign study programs.

Just like these, everyone has a different purpose to travel to Italy. But, all the travelers are interested in famous cities like Rome, Milan, Bologna or Florence. To assist you further in your voyage, we are providing a list of the best airports in Italy. You may choose the one which is well-connected to your desired location and thus, save yourself a great deal of time and money, which you can use in far more productive ways.

  1. Leonardo Da-Vinci Fiumicino Airport – This airport is located in the most famous city of Italy, Rome and thus, also known as Rome Fiumicino Airport. The Vatican City, The Pantheon, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain and several other tourist spots of Rome are at an affordable distance from this airport and you may easily use public buses and taxis for your convenience.

It connects various domestic and international flights and has a daily passenger count of nearly 42 million. This makes it one of the busiest airports in Italy.

  1. Pisa International Airport – The major tourist attraction in Italy is the Leaning Tower of Pisa and this airport has been named after the wonder because of its nearness to the same. This is the main international airport in Tuscany and is also known is Galileo Galilie Airport. A taxi from the airport to Pisa downtown costs just 15 Euros and 10 minutes of yours. Public transport like Pisamover is also available and is a cheap alternative to the taxi service.

This is a military airport built before World War 2 and experiences a passenger count of nearly 5 million in a year.

  1. Florence Airport – This airport is almost at the heart of Tuscany and that’s the reason of its easy approach to any tourist spot in the city. The only disadvantage is the limited intake of flights in the airport. A taxi can take you from this airport to the main Florence downtown for just 20 Euros in 15 minutes or you may also go for a tram or bus ride, which are way affordable. The airport is at a great location but due to limited flights, travelers prefer the above two airports over it.

The airport is the second busiest airport in Tuscany after The Pisa airport and gets more than a million visitors each year.

  1. Venice Marco Polo Airport Milan is the topmost priority for the tourists interested in business models and fashion designs of Italy. Brera District, Sforza Castle, Aperitivo and many other great buildings are located in Milan. And this airport is the nearest to Milan, which makes this quite busy in peak times of the year. You can easily get a taxi to Milan which will take you to the downtown in just 20 minutes.

5. Naples International Airport If the main purpose of your visit to Italy is touring in Pompeii, Positano or Capri, then this is the ideal airport for you. It is close to the city center and local transport is always there to take you there for just 15 Euros.

It is a considerably busy airport and gets visits of more than 10 million passengers.

These are the best airports in Italy. You should look carefully for your landing airport while you are planning your visit to Italy and these ones are the most preferred and well-connected airports.