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Enjoy The Rich Culture of Italy Through it’s Fairs and Festivals

The culture and heritage of any country are well-reflected through its diverse festivals. And these are the best times if you’re willing to visit that country. Italy is also a land carrying several historic, ethnic and social moments in itself. It performs and celebrates a number of festivals in which it’s culture is highly admired.

These festivals are highlighted by the immense excitement of the native people, well-groomed fairs and social parades and of course it’s exquisite cuisines. Thus, if you are planning your vacation to Italy, then plan them around its best festivals that are listed below and make your trip a lifetime experience to share and cherish.

  1. Carnevale As the name strongly resembles to ‘Carnival’, the festival is also made memorable through its grand carnivals that are held every year. The festival embarks the beginning of Lent in Italy. Lent is the period when Christians don’t practice revelry and meat consumption. The grand parades and masquerade balls are arranged at various cities like Venice and Cento.

The celebration takes place in February or March and you will surely live through the colorful culture of Italy through these parade.

  1. Battle of Oranges Welcome to the biggest food fight festival in Italy known as the Battle of Oranges. The festival signifies the uprising of common people that was led as a result of cruel rule from the ruler named Ranieri Di Bankrate. The participants form teams and attack the opponents with oranges from the roadside as well as from travel buses. The whole city is painted orange and majority cuisines are comprised of orange only, to celebrate the win of the common people.

This festival is held in the month of February every year.

  1. Regatta Program in Venice – Apart from the great architecture and museums, Venice is famous for the Regatta program as well. The festival has its roots in 1955 when the four republics emerged victorious. This sport event is carried out in May and June. On this day, several patriotic parades are carried out in various parts of Venice and even memorable figures are circulated.

Colorful boat parades are also carried out and local people gather in large groups to celebrate this day of republic and courage in Venice.

  1. Oh bej! Oh bej! The English translation to the festival name is ‘Oh so nice, oh so nice’. This festival embarks the beginning of a festive season in Milan. Milan is one of busiest city in Milan, being the fashion and trade hub. And on this day, its beauty is a treat to all the art lovers. This festival is just like a Christmas parade. The whole pathway is well-decorated and people gather in colorful dresses to celebrate the festival.

And this festive fair is held in various parts of Milan in the month of December.

  1. Infiorata Festival This is the festival of flowers in Italy in the month of May. All the streets and abbeys are decorated with flower petals and arts made of flower. The whole Italy is made colorful, while the major attraction is the city of Spello, from where the festival originates. The decorations are done from natural flowers, petals and leaves only and the use of synthetic artifacts is strictly avoided.

If you are planning to visit Italy, then you should not miss this colorful festival and you’ll surely fall in love with the beauty of flowers in this fair.

These are a few of the best festivals that are celebrated warmly in Italy. Being a part of such great celebrations is a treat in itself.