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Best Overseas Education Consultants in Pune

The complexities of application process, the huge expenses of education and living and a tough exam like IELTS are a few dangerous looking reasons because of which some students don’t pursue their foreign education and settle for a college in India only. The requirement is of awareness among the students and their parents. They should know that the application process is not that much hard to get through, scholarships are there to lower or diminish their financial burden and with a good preparation, IELTS can also be passed easily.

And that’s exactly where the idea of overseas education consultants come from. These consultants have industry experts with them who have years of experience in the field of foreign education and thus, are quite familiar with the whole process. If you are looking for the best overseas education consultants in Pune, then you have come to the right place. Below, we have listed the best of them and you may freely contact any of them and make your study abroad dream come true.

  1. Edwise International – Edwise International are one of leading education consultants in India with their head office situated in Pune. On their website, you may select the country, course and education level of yours and its algorithm will get you the best suited institutions for you across the globe. They have categorized the whole study abroad journey into five basic steps and will help you at each of them. They are namely Expert fee counseling, Identification of University and Course, Test preparation, Application process and Visa plus final departure.
  2. Global Opportunities – Global Opportunities are the Education Consultants in Pune to help you in all the formalities of your foreign education but have their best of expertise in Visa consultation and test preparation. You can prepare for exams like IELTS, GMAT, GRE etcetera once you enroll to their program. You’ll also get assistance in all other steps which include University acceptance, Visa verification etcetera. Just go to their website, fill in the details asked and you will be directly approached by them for further enquiry.
  3. Study Overseas Help – Study Overseas Help are one of the best education consultants in Pune. They will help you find and apply to your dream foreign University. They offer their assistance in a vast variety of fields. Admission assistance, Travel Guidance, Course Advice, just name your need and the dedicated staff will help you in every way possible. You can book your free consultation with them by submitting your details on their website.
  4. Canam Group – The Canam group of Education Consultants in Pune was started with the motive of landing students into their dream colleges in USA or Canada only as these two are the most preferred destinations for Indian students. But, they have mentioned on their website, as the interest of students is expanding, they are also expanding to other great countries as well. You can filter the course as per your interest and select the best one for you.
  5. Imperial Overseas – Imperial Overseas Education Consultants help you in getting a good University in Canada, USA or Australia. They have highlighted the courses like Masters in Science and MBBS on their website as the Indian students tend to study abroad specifically in these courses. Apart from these, they also help you prepare for exams like GRE and TOEFL in an interactive way. You can visit their website and book yourself a free counseling session online.

These are the best education consultants in Pune. They have their branches in Pune but you can, of course, contact them from anywhere through their website.