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Most Popular Courses in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful island country situated in the north of the island of Britain. It is among the top ten wealthiest countries in the world in terms of GDP per capita, as well as the tenth most prosperous country in the world and the third most developed country in the world in the United Nations Human Development Index. It is therefore a small but a successful country.

A large number of foreign students study in Ireland. The country is home to some of the top universities in the world, and the country is also considered to have one of the most welcoming societies in the world. A large diaspora of Indian students therefore exists in Ireland, which makes a study in Ireland for Indian students a comparatively easier and a highly enjoyable and exciting experience.

If you are considering to study in Ireland, there are plenty of great courses to choose from. And every one of these courses are taught by some of the best teachers with some of the most well designed courses in the world. The efficiency of the education system in Ireland is evident from the fact that 37 percent of Ireland’s population has a university or college degree, which is among the highest percentages in the world.

To choose which the most popular course to study in Ireland is, is a difficult thing to do. But here we are listing some of the most popular courses that many students opt for-

  • Business Analytics

One of the most popular courses among the foreign students coming to study in Ireland, a course in Business Analytics will help you become a successful professional adept to studying big data for companies in order to generate reports and make predictions based on your analysis. This course will enable you to choose from varied career options, including Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, etc.

  • Medicine

Medicine and the allied fields are also a hugely popular course among students coming to study in Ireland. A degree in medicine takes about five years to complete, and the degree is considered valid in a number of countries including India. Besides, if you want to practice in Ireland itself, you will find it pretty easy to secure a practice and a license. You can also find various courses in the allied fields like Nursing, Pharmaceuticals and Biochemistry in Ireland.

  • Engineering

Engineering in the various streams is another popular course in Ireland. There are a number of excellent universities like the Trinity College in Dublin which offer engineering courses in different streams. Besides civil engineering, you can also do courses in other streams which can open avenues to a diverse field of opportunities for you in just about any country in the world.

  • Computer Science

Almost all of the big technology companies like Google, Amazon and others have opened offices in Ireland, which makes a course in Computer Sciences a wise choice for international students. There are also plenty of job opportunities in other European countries, as a degree in computer science in Ireland is considered highly prestigious.

  • Management

Once again, because of the presence of a large number of corporate giants like Apple and Amazon in Ireland, a degree in Management opens up a sea of career opportunities. In fact, a large number of students from all around the world come to Ireland to study management as the country’s 35 institutions and universities offer around 626 course in the subject. And because the medium of teaching is English, it makes finding jobs even more convenient.